El-P Reacts To Congresswoman Plaskett Quoting Run The Jewels At Trump’s Impeachment Trial

The politically-charged Hip Hop duo is now part of congressional history.

The United States Senate is conducting former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial this week. Trump is accused of inciting his supporters to conduct a failed insurrection against the American government at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6.

While presenting evidence against Trump on Wednesday, Democratic Delegate Stacey Plaskett of the U.S. Virgin Islands took to the floor of Congress and quoted two Hip Hop acts. She stated “The truth is usually seen and rarely heard. Truth is truth, whether denied or not.”

That first line was from Wu-Tang Clan member GZA’s “Breaker, Breaker” off 1999’s Beneath the Surface album. The second line was a reference to Run the Jewels’ “Early” off 2014’s Run The Jewels 2 album. RTJ’s El-P reacted to Plaskett borrowing one of his bars to make a point against Trump’s actions.

“Welp apparently I was quoted during the impeachment trial today and I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Ok, I didn’t see it coming,” tweeted El-P on Thursday night. When another Twitter user pointed out that El-P is now “immortalized” in the congressional record, the New York City-bred emcee/producer simply responded, “Finally.”

Congresswoman Plaskett also made history when she became the first non-voting delegate to participate in a Senate impeachment trial as a House of Representatives impeachment manager. Since she represents the U.S. Virgin Islands’ at-large congressional district, the Brooklyn-born attorney does not have the same full voting rights in Congress as representatives from districts located in U.S. states.