Eminem Is Dropping Some New Clothing With Carhartt This Weekend


(AllHipHop News) Detroit rapper Eminem is advancing his partnership with Carhartt, which will end up benefitting local students aiming to get into the music business.

Last November, Eminem announced a collaboration with Carhartt and created the E13 clothing brand.

A limited run of the clothing line was introduced on Black Friday, and now the E13 brand is showcasing more exclusive products.

Starting this weekend, Carhartt’s flagship store in Detroit, Michigan will carry a new batch of clothing.

The latest releases include a black hoodie, a black T-shirt, and a black baseball cap, emblazoned with the signature E13 logo, which pays respect to Detroit’s 313 area code.

The new gear in Eminem’s E13 line with Carhartt goes on sale exclusively on March 13, at the Carhartt store in Detroit.

All proceeds will benefit Michigan State University’s Verses Project.