Eminem Is Now Shipping “Mom’s Spaghetti” Sauce Worldwide


The rapper and his manager Paul Rosenberg are taking the song lyric to the next level.

Eminem is more than just an outstanding MC—he’s also an entrepreneur. Outside of his work within the music industry, the anointed “Rap God” has ventured into the food, dining and entertainment space.

In 2021, Slim Shady opened a Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant in Detroit, Michigan. The eatery, which started as a pop-up shop and evolved into a thriving brick-and-mortar, is named after a lyric from Eminem’s 2002 Oscar-winning song, “Lose Yourself.”

The restaurant is so popular, Eminem has released a 25-ounce packaged pasta sauce and is selling it to the world via the brand’s website. The announcement was made on the company’s Twitter page with the caption, “IT’S ALL READY  #MomsSpaghetti pasta sauce is now available! http://momsspaghetti.com.”

The restaurant added a sneak peek of the jar in the accompanying commercial: “Detroit’s finest! #MomsSpaghetti pasta sauce is now available to enjoy at home!!! #LuckyYou http://momsspaghetti.com.”

The sauce hit the market on Thursday (October 26) and orders will start shipping on Monday (October 30.) Eminem and his longtime manager, Paul Rosenberg, partnered with Detroit-based restaurant group Union Joints to set up the flagship location and create the sauce.

Mom’s Spaghetti began as a pop-up restaurant at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit in 2017 and coincided with the release of Eminem’s Revival album.

“This has been quite an exciting past few years in pasta,” Rosenberg said in a statement.  “It all began in an experimental pop-up shop around the release of the ‘Revival’ album in 2017.  The initial feedback was incredible so we decided to take it on the road during Em’s 2019 festival run, and that all led up to the opening of Mom’s Spaghetti in Detroit. The massive response to the restaurant made us realize that there’s a market out there for our sauce, so we spent the last year working on how we could get it to people without having to come all the way to Detroit.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shady Records partnered with Union Joints to provide Mom’s Spaghetti to frontline caregivers at eight hospitals. They also assisted at the TCF Center (formerly Cobo Hall) in Detroit, where COVID-19 vaccinations were administered. This initiative not only celebrated the brand’s association with Eminem but also supported those tirelessly working during these challenging times.