Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kim Mathers Says She Will Be At Their Daughter Hailie’s Wedding


The former couple will see each other at their daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Eminem and Kim Mathers’ daughter, Hailie Jade, is getting married and wants her parents there for the ceremony. According to the U.S. Sun, she won’t have to worry about them beefing. Hailie is marrying Evan McClintock, and Mathers reportedly said she’ll be there to witness their nuptials, even though she’s been at odds with her daughter for some time.

When asked if she sees her children, including Alaina Scott (her sister’s daughter that Eminem adopted), she replied, “Not often but often enough!” Scott, 30, was also recently married and Eminem walked her down the Great Gatsby glam-themed aisle.

Eminem introduced Hailie early on in his career in songs such as “97 Bonnie and Clyde,” which revolved around his tumultuous relationship with Mathers, who he met in 1988 after she got out of a youth home.

A 6-year-old Hailie was also featured on “My Dad’s Gone Crazy,” the song that made her a Guinness World Record holder. In 2002, she was the youngest performer to be credited with a hit.

Eminem once talked about putting her on the track, telling Rolling Stone., “Me and Dre were working together and Hailie was running around the studio and she was like [in a little girl high voice], ‘Somebody please help me! I think my dad’s gone crazy!’ Instantly that locked in with a beat we’d made the day before. I went to my house, and I had her go in the booth and say it. When she opens up, she’s just like her dad in a lot of aspects. I just told her what to say and she nailed it, the first take.”

Hailie made her engagement to McClintock public in February via Instagram, writing, “Casual weekend recap… 2.4.23 … I love you @evanmcclintock11.”

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