Empire Promotes New Season By Dropping An Exclusive Track Called “Get Me Right”


(AllHipHop News) “Empire” is setting off the upcoming season by pushing a brand-new track “Get Me Right.”

The show centers around the Lyon’s and their powerful company, Empire Entertainment.

Lucious Lyon, who is played by Terrence Howard, is “the king of hip-hop,” but his company is always targeted by his own family, including his sons and his ex-wife.

While the industry can be glamorous, it can be just as dangerous, particularly in the hip-hop world.

The new season of “Empire,” which airs on Wednesday (March 22) on Fox, comes with some flare, as Cookie plans to overthrow her lover, Angelo, from his high position.

In order to do that, she will need to remain focused.

Also, the tensions are high between Tiana and Hakeem against Nessa to secure their spot on “Empire’s music showcase.”

Andre, who is the Lyon’s older brother, has his own plot of taking over the family dynasty, even if he has to do it by himself.

Each family member is grappling with the events that unfolded during the Season 2 finale.

Check out the new track “Get Me Right.”