EST Gee & Estranged Sister Rehash Beef Over Her “Homeless” Claims


Blood is apparently not thicker than financial support.

EST Gee’s recent snippet and and social media posts regarding his estranged sister and alleged sums of money he sent her has prompted a response.

On Wednesday (January 17), the Create Music Group (CMG) signee appeared to respond to his sister’s claims that he didn’t help her in 2022 when publicly said she was homeless with her five children. In a series of Instagram posts, Gee shared lyrics from the snippet, along with receipts which purportedly reveal his consistent efforts to aid his sister financially amid the turmoil she was facing.

“Thought I heard my momma voice say help yo sister please,” the lyrics read. “I did the best I could at the time gave like 50-60gs/She went on IG say she homeless and I ain’t give her nun/How you think that made me feel deep down in my stomach/Thought I was doin right by moving em down here wit they uncle/Til I seen some weird text from the oldest and my baby momma/Why yall sabatoge me?

In a separate story post, Gee shared a screenshot of various six-figure sums being wired out of his account to a destination he claims was his sister’s at the time she recorded the viral video.

”This in 4 month period 33K lol not counting no cash or no other times the last one the day before she made the video lol I should’ve been on here crying,” he wrote on the post.

Shortly after Gee’s posts began circulating, his sister responded with a scathing video in which she accused the “Lick Back” rapper of attempting to smear her and putting the livelihoods of his acquaintances over his family.

Watch the full clip of Gee’s sister’s rebuttal below.