EXCLUSIVE: 50 Cent Dragging Rick Ross Back Into Court Over Leaked Sex Tape

50 Cent’s legal team can’t get close enough to serve him with legal papers in his ongoing war with a legal firm over a $7 million payout to Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend for a leaked sex tape.

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent has opened up another front in his ongoing war with rap star Rick Ross.

50 Cent is trying to haul Rick Ross into court as part of a $32 million legal war with his old law firm, Reed Smith and an attorney named Peter Raymond.

The Queens, New York rapper claims the law firm cost him $7 million, which he had to pay to Rick Ross’ former girlfriend Lastonia Leviston who was featured in a leaked sex tape narrated by Fif’s character “Pimpin Curly.”

In January of 2017, 50 Cent went after Reed Smith when the firm demanded he fork over $600,000 in unpaid legal fees.

50 Cent accused Reed Smith of malpractice, saying the firm’s shoddy work tanked his case and forced him into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

50 blames Reed Smith and Raymond for intentionally deceived him by failing to disclose a binding pre-trial stipulation between their firm and Lastonia’s lawyers, which “precluded key material witnesses,” including his longtime foe, Rick Ross.

The battle has been delayed because 50 Cent’s team cannot get anywhere close to Rick Ross to serve him with paperwork, so they are asking a judge to give them more time to find the Miami rapper.

Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II, was supposed to be deposed on Friday (November 22nd).

But 50’s legal team has had no luck attempting to serve Rick Ross because they cannot get past the security at his sprawling Atlanta mansion.

AllHipHop obtained emails 50’s team has been sending back and forth about their cross country attempts to serve Rick Ross, so he can sit and be questioned in regards to the sex tape.

A process server tried to get Rick Ross at a show in Pennsylvania on October 31 and again on November 3 at his gig at ComplexCon in California without any success, due to the rap star’s security.

“Given his celebrity lifestyle, Ross has proven exceptionally difficult to personally serve,” 50 Cent’s legal team said in a court filing. “As a prominent celebrity, Ross lives in a gated home and has personal security personnel protecting him at the various public appearances he makes.”

50 Cent’s legal asking the judge overseeing the case to give them until December 20th to find Rick Ross so they can depose the rap star.