EXCLUSIVE: 50 Cent Working On Settling Bottle Battle With Remy Martin

50 Cent

Remy Martin sued 50 Cent and Sire Spirits, accusing the rapper’s company of copying a cognac bottle design.

50 Cent hopes to end a legal dispute over the design of his Branson cognac bottle.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, 50 Cent’s Sire Spirits company and Remy Martin are discussing a settlement in a copyright infringement lawsuit. A status conference was scheduled for February 3, but both sides wanted more time to possibly reach a deal.

“Sire Spirits and Remy Martin respectfully submit this request for a 30-day stay of this action and an adjournment of the status conference,” 50 Cent’s legal team wrote. “Sire Spirits and Remy Martin make this request to allow the parties time to complete settlement negotiations and will provide the Court with an update on or before Friday, March 3, 2023.”

Remy Martin sued Sire Spirits in 2021, claiming 50 Cent’s company blatantly copied the style of the Centaure de Diamant cognac bottle. Remy Martin said Sire Spirits’ Branson cognac bottle was a “near exact reproduction” of the Centaure de Diamant design.

50 Cent addressed the lawsuit in a since-deleted Instagram post. He suggested Remy Martin was scared of competition.

“They are afraid of me already,” he wrote. “Branson Cognac is the new wave. Remy is #2 behind Henny and worried about Branson Smh. I’m just getting started.”

The G-Unit rapper’s lawyers denied Remy Martin’s copyright infringement claims. Sire Spirits insisted its Branson cognac bottle was modeled after Civil War era canteens as opposed to the Centaure de Diamant design.

“No brand or company has the right to exclude others from making or selling curved bottles for cognac or other alcohol,” 50 Cent attorney Reena Jain contended. “Nonetheless, Remy Martin is on a mission to eliminate Sire Spirits from the cognac market.”

50 Cent accused Remy Martin of trying to ruin the Sire Spirits brand. His legal team argued the lawsuit was part of Remy Martin’s efforts to eliminate competition.