EXCLUSIVE: AR-AB Has No Relationship With Drake, Preps Kevin Gates Song By Helping Philly Youth


AR-AB Is Pushing Away The Beef And Is Focused On Making Strides Though Music And Community Organizations For The Youth

(AllHipHop News) The Hip-Hop world and streets often meet at a crossroads that makes it difficult to decipher what’s real street drama and what’s just Hip-Hop-WWF rumors and talk.

On the contrary, when it comes to controversial Philly rapper AR-AB everyone knows the deal.

AR-AB is embedded in the streets and after earning a rowdy reputation and prison time for various offenses, he’s proven to be prime example of living that fine line between the streets and gangsta rap music.

In spite of that fact and AR-AB’s gorilla-sized reputation on the underground Philly rap scene, AB gained mainstream notoriety for mention on Drake’s song “Back to Back.”

But despite that popular mention, AB says that he “doesn’t have a relationship with Drake.”

“There are guys that are from the streets, but I am the streets” – AR-AB

The new info on Drake comes on the heels of AB stating that he wants no part in his beef with Meek Mill.

AB also had a recent convo with fellow Philly rapper Cassidy where AB and the “I’m a Hustla” rapper hashed out any “negative feelings.”

“I’m at a stage of my life when I don’t want no negative energy, where if I got any issues or anyone has any negative feelings, I want to get to the bottom of it and talk to them.  I talked to Cassidy and we got to the bottom of a lot of our issues,” AR-AB said.

Instead AB is choosing to focus on shows and his upcoming projects with bigger and bigger acts, not ruling out the possibility of working with Drake someday.

“I’ve been doing a whole bunch of shows, I’m booked every weekend right now. I’ve been kind of busy doing that and I’m working on Who Harder than Me 4. I’m gearing up for this song with Kevin Gates, we are working out a video date and everything right now,” AR-AB explained.

The peaceful, work-driven message is a far cry from the previously released Meek Mill disses, but don’t think that AR-AB has turned his back on the streets at all.

AR-AB has big plans for an upcoming release with Kevin Gates and found a connection with Gates as the two have both taken steps to helping out youth juvenile detention centers.

“When I came home from prison, I was talking to my manager and my manager had a plug with him, basically he was what I was listening to.  They got us on the phone together and he was going around speaking to the local youth, like at detention centers and thats what I’m doing so we stayed on the phone DMing and texting each other.  I didn’t even know he was going to be down at SXSW and we ended up doing this track,” AB explained of his Kevin Gates song.

When asked about his connection to the streets and why he has become so popular amongst Philly rap fans, AR-AB said that people still think that he may “still rob them.”

“A lot of guys talk about it, a lot of guys seen stuff, but they ain’t never involved with it. I actually – and its on my record –  I’m a guy you could write a movie on. There are guys that are from the streets, but I am the streets,” AB proclaimed.

“I give you that in my music and on my upcoming tape. This is what I was doing man.  I’m one of the biggest rappers in Philly and I still walk in the club and you would think I walk in the club and nggas might think they might rob me. I walk in the club and nggas think I might still rob them, even though I’m the big rapper. That’s how it is now man because before rap – I was an animal” a contrite AR-AB added.

Look out for AR-AB’s song with Kevin Gates in the coming week as AllHipHop will be exclusively releasing the new track at the top of next month.