EXCLUSIVE: Bobby Brown's Nephew Says He Plans To "Smack The Sh*t" Out Of Star After On-Air Argument


(AllHipHop News) Video of Shot 97 host Troi “Star” Torain’s attempted interview with Bobby Brown’s nephew Shayne Brown has made its way around the Internet. The phone conversation became news, because Star and Brown got into a very heated exchange over questions about Shayne’s cousin Bobbi Kristina Brown.

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According to Shayne, he was scheduled to appear on Star’s show to talk about rumors surrounding turmoil within his family. Brown says it was agreed upon that there would not be any questions concerning Bobbi Kristina’s medical condition.

Star proceeded to ask about Bobbi Kristina anyway, and Shayne refused to address it. Star then told Shayne to “f**k off.”

The veteran radio personality also relayed to Shayne, “And f**k your b***h ass uncle. I never gave a f**k about him.” Shayne reacted by telling Star, “Me and you will cross paths, and when we do, we’ll handle it then… I will see you.”

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In an interview with AllHipHop.com, Shayne Brown addresses his over-the-phone confrontation. Brown makes it clear he is not settling the issue until he sees Star in person.

“His first question was about Krissi and life support. I’m like, ‘We already went through this. I’m not going to discuss nothing with you about Krissi’s condition.’ When you did that you disrespected me, because we already discussed what we’re going to talk about,” says Shayne. “After me telling him, ‘I’m not talking about that,’ he went off with the phone gangster rants. I’m not going to be on the phone talking no gangster s**t back-and-forth. That’s corny n***a s**t to me.”

When asked if the matter could be settled without it becoming physical, Shayne reiterated he is not open to talking it out with Star.

“I didn’t come at him talking crazy at all. He popped off, talking crazy to me. But man-to-man, when I see him I will smack the s**t out of him for that. That’s my true feelings,” Shayne added. “There’s no more talking. Once you say ‘f**k my family,’ going off, and making accusations about me and my mother – people that you don’t even know – there’s no more talking. The talking is done.”

Shayne also tells AllHipHop.com his decision not to speak about Bobbi Kistina’s medical condition is out of respect for his uncle Bobby’s wishes.

“I never spoke on Krissi’s condition, just out of respect for my uncle. At this time, he just wants his privacy on that, so I never spoke on her condition. Anything I ever spoke on was concerning myself,” says Shayne.

Read Shayne Brown’s full interview here.

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