Exclusive: DMX Issues Response To $630k Lawsuit And Cancelled Tour


(AllHipHop News) DMX’s camp has fired back a response to a $630,000 lawsuit against the rapper due to a cancelled tour in Germany.

Domenick Nati, publicist for DMX, told AllHipHop.com exclusively that DMX was rectifying his passport situation, which ultimately caused the cancellation of his “DMX Undisputed Comeback Tour 2012” in Germany.

“The promoters for the”DMX Undisputed Comeback Tour 2012″ are in good standing with DMX’s management, and they are helping us in the process of clearing DMX’s passport,” said Nati to AllHipHop.com.

But, there were also other issues to clear up as well.

“I would like to make clear that DMX’s management team is facing legal issues only with Heavy Rotation Booking. HR Booking is a previous promoter who DMX and his management have terminated their agreement with,” Nati continued. “The ‘DMX Undisputed Comeback Tour 2012’ is a completely separate tour than the one with HR Booking.”

Yesterday, Heavy Rotation Booking filed a $630,000 lawsuit against DMX and his management over the canceled tour dates.

Management told AllHipHop.com as well that they previously severed ties to the booking company because they allegedly sent falsified passport documents to promoters overseas in order to book the tour dates. Heavy Rotation has not responded to the allegations at press time.

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