EXCLUSIVE: Feds Turn Over Evidence To Lawyers Of Men Accused Of Killing Jam Master Jay

Jam Master Jay Evidence

Federal prosecutors are making their case against the two men accused of murdering Run-DMC’s DJ, Jam Master Jay. 

Lawyers for the two suspects accused of murdering Jam Master Jay took part in a teleconference hearing yesterday (November 18th). 

The Feds turned over key evidence to lawyers for Karl “Lil D” Jordan, and Ronald “Tinard” Washington.

Both men are accused of murdering Jam Master Jay, born Jason Mizell, inside of his Queens recording studio on October 30th, 2002.

In August of 2020, Jordan and Washington were charged in a 10-count indictment for drug-related homicide, and the use of a firearm for the murder, which took Jay’s life at the age of 37. 

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Lead prosecutor Seth D. DuCharme turned over a plethora of evidence the feds have gathered against both men during the hearing yesterday.

Sources told AllHipHop that the evidence against the men includes video surveillance, a 911 call, and Sprint phone records. 

Detailed information about the information the Feds have gathered Jordan and Washington is not readily available to the public, due to a protective order issued on September 17th, 2020. 

However, the Feds claim Jay was murdered over 10 kilos of cocaine after he came up short on the money for the drugs. 

“What we’ve alleged in that indictment, is that on October 30th, 2002 nearly 20 years ago, Mr. Jordan and Mr. Washington walked into a music studio in Queens, where Mr. Mizell and others were working, essentially hanging out, and they walked in and they murdered him in cold blood,” U.S. Attorney Seth DuCharme said during a press conference.

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Both men face life in prison, or worse, the death penalty if they are convicted of Jam Master Jay’s murder.  

There were numerous witnesses present when Jay was gunned down. 

Those at the studio that fateful evening were: Jam Master Jay, Michael “Mike B.” Bonds, Ureico “Pretty Tony” Rincon, Lydia High, her brother Randy Allen and Jay’s nephew Rodney “Boe Scagz” Jones. 

Sources close to the case also AllHipHop that the Feds have been offering immunity to certain individuals, in return for testimony to get to the bottom of the murder. 

So far, Jordan and Washington are the only two suspects to be charged in connection with the murder, but other unnamed suspects could also be facing criminal charges. 

Jordan and Washington have pleaded not guilty to the murder of Jam Master Jay.

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