EXCLUSIVE: Fenix Flexin Formerly of Shoreline Mafia Talks Group’s Breakup, Launches Burnt Co. Clothing Line

Fenix Flexin

Former Shoreline Mafia group member Fenix Flexin drops a video for his song “10 Toes” and talks about his career, and new clothing line!

Recently Fenix Flexin, formerly of Shoreline Mafia spoke with AllHipHop about his new music and plans for his skate-inspired clothing company called Burnt Co.

Speaking about new music set to appear on his debut album via Atlantic Records, Fenix elaborated about breaking away from Shoreline Mafia last year and what led to the group’s demise.

“Instead of hearing me just being featured on a song or on the hook, it’s like now I can showcase my talents. Really like get the music appreciated for myself instead of being just a background dude,” Fenix Flexin told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive statement.  “As for the politics in the group it didn’t work out for various reasons, people not having various decisions. At the end there I wasn’t feeling what was going on, it was supposed to be a group, but it was really turning into something else. It feels good to be in control of your own destiny and I’m happy where I’m at.”

While some enthusiasts may miss Shoreline Mafia as a group, Fenix Flexin reassured fans that there is plenty to look forward to musically. Since the group’s breakup, the Hollywood rapper released a new single titled “10 Toes” that features an accompanying visual.

“I haven’t even gotten started yet, you haven’t seen nothing yet. It’s more than just something to look forward to, I’m gonna have my whole movement out here you know what I’m saying. It ain’t like I’m just gonna be dropping a couple of songs here and there. Like nah, I’m gonna really be out here f##### it up. People don’t even know what I’m capable of so now they gonna understand it,” Fenix Flexin said.

Known to be an avid skater in his younger days, Fenix Flexin is tied into the skate culture of Los Angeles and will soon be announcing a host of pro skaters that will represent the Burnt Co. brand that also includes home decor like rugs and clocks.

“I’m gonna launch my streetwear skating company, that’s coming soon in the next few months. Y’all gonna see that release, I got some pro skaters on the team its gonna be crazy,” Fenix Flexin added.

Check out Fenix Flexin’s “10 Toes” video below:

Check out some of the images of the clothing and lifestyle brand below: