EXCLUSIVE: Freddie Gibbs Makes Bail In France On Rape Allegations…But With Conditions


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Freddie Gibbs will be bailed out of prison in Toulose, France, after being arrested by authorities and charged with rape.

Gibbs, born Fredrick Tipton, was arrested at the beginning of June, after an arrest warrant was issued for a rape that allegedly occurred in Austria last year.

His French attorneys Ludovic Riviere and Michael Malka, were able to get the rapper sprung from jail for $50,000 EUR, or roughly $56,000 U.S. dollars.

“He will be required to turn in his passport and check in with authorities 3 times per week,” Freddie Gibbs’ attorney Scott Leemon told AllHipHop.com. “We expect him to be released either today or tomorrow while the court decides what to do with the extradition request.”

The rapper, 33, maintains his innocence and plans to stay in France and plans to fight his extradition to Austria, no matter the court’s decision.

Scott Leemon, who is Gibbs’ attorney in the U.S., is quarterbacking the case. Leemon recently flew over to France to check on his client’s well being.

“After the meeting, and talking to Freddie it is really shocking these allegations were ever filed against him,” Scott Leemon told AllHipHop.com. “They were brought months later with no scientific nor physical evidence against him.”

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Scott Leemon and Freddie’s team of attorneys in Austria are hoping the lack of evidence is enough for public prosecutors to drop their case against the Gary, Indiana rapper.

“He has worked too hard on his career and family to get where he is and is in complete shock over this false allegation.”

The rapper also has some much-needed support from his fiancée, who is been in France with Freddie Gibbs since the ordeal began on June 2.

“It is important to note that his fiancé has flown to France to support him. She has his back and knows he didn’t do anything wrong,” Leemon said.