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EXCLUSIVE: G4 Boyz Address Atlanta Shooting & Rumors Alley Boy Was Involved


(AllHipHop News) News broke recently that Staten Island based G4 Boyz were involved in a shooting that took place in Atlanta. Group members Ice and Buggy had just finished performing at a PowTV and Dreamchasers sponsored show when an unknown gunmen open fired on their van.

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At least three people were reported to have been hospitalized from the incident, but despite some media outlets stating G4 was hit, the blood brothers say that was not the case. Ice only suffered minor injuries from broken glass caused by bullets hitting the vehicle.

“We seen a lot of blogs say the G4 Boyz got shot and can’t come back to Atlanta. Honestly, the people that started that bulls**t is another website – I won’t say their name – but they’ve had something out for us, because we never wanted to deal with them,” declares Ice. “They started this whole G4 Boyz got shot up. I understand blogs got to get their job done, but don’t mislead people like we got shot up and are in critical condition. That’s a big lie.”

G4 claim they do not know who was targeting them that night, but they feel the reasoning behind the attack was simply jealousy. The duo has been building their brand for several years. Their catalog already includes collaborations with Migos, Waka Flocka, Travis Porter, Roscoe Dash, and Jae Millz. Their mixtape Ballin Wit No Deal 2 has been certified “Bronze” by DatPiff.com for securing over 25,000 downloads in two weeks.

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“The only people ringing bells right now in New York is Bobby Shmurda, French Montana, A$AP Rocky, and Troy Ave. And now G4 Boyz. The only thing is all of them have big hits. We don’t have hits. We have a mixtape. People love our mixtape so much that the streets put us in position to do shows. Some people hate that,” Ice says. “For me, if I see somebody else doing that, I’d see that as motivation. We’re truly blessed. We thank God everyday.”

Almost immediately after reports of the shooting became public, internet rap fans began to question if the incident was related to the longstanding feud between G4 Boyz and Atlanta rapper Alley Boy. Several videos posted to YouTube back in 2011 featured G4 addressing the former Grand Hustle artist, but the Boyz doubt Alley Boy is actually connected to the gunning.

“Alley Girl, he’s always been a bum, so he just falls under the category of being a bum bum billy. Whoever had something to do with this, we don’t know. What we do know is he’s a bum,” states Ice. “I’m pretty sure it can’t be him, because he can’t even go to the ATL due to the whole T.I. and Jeezy thing, from what I’m told. I’m 100% sure it wasn’t him. I do know he’s a bum bum billy and looks like he doesn’t take showers.”

With their close ties to the Atlanta rap scene, G4 has a lot of love for the town that helped break them into the industry. Often times when a violent act involving rappers takes place, the situation can explode among supporters and fans as a rivalry between cities. The NYC representatives hope that escalation does not take place.

“Of course, you got people that are always riled up. I have people that don’t stand for this type of nonsense, but we are telling them it don’t have to be like that. Let’s just get back on the road and get this money. And let’s stay blessed,” says Buggy. “That’s what these bum bum billys want, because they don’t do numbers. We just finished doing 30,000 downloads on Datpiff. These bum bum billys can’t even come to New York to do a promotional run, because they are in fear.”

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The Boyz also wanted to make it clear they do not wish ongoing bloodshed to become part of their upcoming events, and they are working to secure that a repeat of the gunfire does not happen in the future. Ice and Buggy are planning to help organize a free non-violence themed Hip Hop show in Atlanta as well.

Ice offers, “I just want to say we do apologize to anybody injured by the tragedy these bum bum billys did. At the end of the day, who wants to go to a concert or be around us and get hurt?”

“We’re here to inspire, motivate, and make people believe no matter where you come from or who you are, it can happen. We’re not about the violence,” adds Buggy. “If you go on our personal Instagram pages, you don’t see us posting guns or promoting violence. We post pictures of money, us doing shows, and showing people this is what you could have if you work hard enough. We promote flyness, grinding, motivation, winning.”

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Watch the video for G4 Boyz’s “Liberace” below.