EXCLUSIVE: Hip-Hop Group The Artifacts Drop First Release In 15 Years


(AllHipHop News) Veteran Hip-Hop group The Artifacts are back together and have released their first official single together in over 15 years.

The group has just dropped their new song “Easter,” featuring original group members El da Sensei, Tame One and DJ Kaos.

The Artifacts’ newest single “Easter” was produced by The Away Team’s Khrysis with cuts by DJ Dutchmaster.

“This is a special day (pop bottles lol) for us as Artifacts,” El da Sensei told AllHipHop.com. “I been waiting for this day and to do it now in this climate, only proves how many people still wanna hear us AND over a Khrysis beat.”

The Newark, New Jersey-based group debuted in 1994 with their album Between a Rock and a Hard Place, which contained their best known single, “Wrong Side of the Tracks.”

The Artifacts circa 1995

By 1997, The Artifacts had split amicably, shortly after the release of their second album That’s Them.

Both rappers in The Artifacts stayed busy in Hip-Hop circles during their 15-year hiatus.

Tame One joined critically acclaimed Hip-Hop group The Weatherman, while El da Sensei released a variety of solo albums and collaborations.

“I appreciate everybody and understand what the mission is and what people want from us as a group,” El da Sensei told AllHipHop.com. “[We are] not a 90’s era or throwback group, just two emcees and a DJ that brings that s**t you love to hear.”

Check out The Artifacts new single “Easter” below.