Exclusive: King Louie [BGA] Releases “Motion Picture” Mixtape, Preps “Dope and Shrimp” Debut Album


(AllHipHop News) AllHipHop.com spoke exclusively with newly dubbed Breeding Ground Artist, King Louie, recently about his growing online buzz and devoted following in the streets of Chicago.

Representing the East Side of Chicago in an area called “Dro City” named after one of his assassinated brothers, King Louie has released music under the Lawless Inc. imprint, a label co-owned by Larro Wilson and Johnny Monopoly, Kanye West’s former manager.

“You know working with John is good, and it’s a big step, and it’s showing me that hard work pays off. He introduced me to Larro the CEO of Lawless, and he got me right and shows, the promotion is better. I’m able to work and not be so hands on with the promo; I can just focus more on recording and music. I got a team now instead of it being just me, its a whole team of muhf*ckas. John has introduced me to quite a few relevant people that I need to know.”

With his mixtape entitled Motion Picture releasing this week, Louie is now prepping for his new album, Dope and Shrimp.

“Lately, in the past couple of months, I’ve been working on finishing up Dope and Shrimp, the album, and then I got a whole mixtape, Motion Picture, with a few tracks that were already released and a few that people havent even heard,” King Louie told AllHipHop.com during his interview.

Louie credits his rise to success with being visible in the city of Chicago and having lyrics that are believable to his fans in the streets.

“In Chicago, sh*t is about being out and being around the city or whatever and muhf*ckas seeing you,” King Louie explained. “Like it’s about being believable, and if you can you prove what you are speaking about – if you talkin’ bout the sh*t I’m talkin’ bout. So the city just took to it, and just they know it’s real sh*t.  People in the city know me on all different sides, so it’s just like we just rockin’ out, man. They f*ckin’ with the real.”

Working with Jeremiah, LEP, Rockie Fresh, LEP, Chief Keef, YP, and Lil Durk, King Louie says he is confident about the talent that Chicago has to offer.

“Now you got every aspect. We got the LEPs, the OGs of the sh*t, Rockie Fresh, he got the suburbs on lock, and then you got me and Chief Keef and Lil Durk,” King Louie added. “And I’m a big G for the younger youth, but it’s just looking good, man, to have talented young youth that’s going hard, and we puttin’ on for the city, and showing people how sh*t really is. Showing how shawtys really is. I’m tired of sh*t looking so watered down and back backed. This sh*t is real.”