EXCLUSIVE: Kodak Black Pleads For Rehab After Drug-Induced Attack On Prison Guard

Rap star Kodak Black is asking a judge to send him to rehab for a drug problem.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Kodak Black needs help kicking a drug habit while he is locked up.

Kodak Black, real name Bill K. Kapri, is asking a judge to allow him to serve part of his four-year prison sentence in a facility that provides treatment for drug addicts.

AllHipHop.com confirmed Kodak Black is attempting to serve a portion of his sentence in a facility that offers The Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) for inmates.

If Kodak is granted entry into the RDAP, he would be housed in a unit specifically for inmates undergoing treatment for their addictions.

The rap star would be in the program for nine months and he would have to complete a 500-hour course.

Upon successful completion of the RDAP, Kodak would be eligible to have some extra privileges during his incarceration, as well as the possibility to have one year shaved off of his prison sentence.

Last month, Kodak Black was accused of attacking a guard in the Federal Detention Center in Miami as he was awaiting sentencing for lying on a federal application to buy three guns.

On October 29th, the “Codeine Dreaming” rapper was engaged in a fight with another inmate, when he injured a guard trying to break up the confrontation.

The FBI accused Kodak of clutching the guard’s testicles and squeezing them so hard that the man was hospitalized with a breached abdomen and intestinal wall.

Although a pending charge for that assault could ruin Kodak Black’s shot at rehab, the rap star may have a chance at getting the treatment he needs.

During his sentencing last week, Assistant United States Attorney Bruce Brown advised that the rapper would benefit from the “RDAP” program.

Now it’s up to a judge to sign off on the request to see if Kodak Black can get the help he needs.