Exclusive: Legal War Breaks Out Over Yung Joc


(AllHipHop News)An Atlanta music company has filed a lawsuit against Yung Joc and Block Enterprises, claiming legal control over the rapper’s career.

Master Mind Music Inc. filed a lawsuit against Yung Joc and Block Enterprises in United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia on January 17.

The lawsuit claims that Yung Joc signed an artist development and exclusive recording agreement with Master Mind Music in February of 2005.

Under the deal that Yung Joc signed, each record that was created by the rapper during the duration of the deal, was to be the property of Master Mind Music.

Master Mind Music also reserved the exclusive right to copyright the recordings of Yung Joc in its own name.

In addition to administrative rights, the lawsuit claims that Master Mind Music was entitled to co-ownership of all of Yung Joc recordings, in addition to a 50% share of Yung Joc’s publishing during the term of the agreement.

The lawsuit claims that Master Mind Music helped with the recording and eventual release of Yung Joc’s debut album Hustlenomics, which contained the rapper’s biggest single “Coffee Shop.”

Around October of 2005, Master Mind Music linked with Block Enterprises, in order to place Yung Joc on the Bad Boy/Atlantic Records record label.

The lawsuit claims that Block Enterprises presented Yung Joc as its sole artist, effectively cutting Master Mind Music out of the deal.

The lawsuit also claims the Block Enterprises illegally granted copyright interest in Yung Joc’s recordings to Bad Boy.

“Block knew or should have known that he did not have the rights to the artists’ exclusive recording services which he purportedly granted to Bad Boy/Atlantic,” the complaint reads. “Further, Block never subsequently acquired those rights from Master Mind.”

According to Master Mind Music’s lawsuit, Yung Joc debut album for Bad Boy, New Jock City, sold over 1 million copies and contained the single “It’s Goin Down.”

Master Mind Music claim that Block Enterprises didn’t have the authority to distribute Yung Joc’s master recordings.

Master Mind Music is suing for copyright infringement, breach of contract, torturous interference with contractual relations, fraudulent misrepresentation, and fraud.

Check out a copy of the lawsuit below: