EXCLUSIVE: Marshawn Lynch Speaks! – Co-Signs Rising Oakland Rapper SteveLan


(AllHipHop News) A few years ago at Super Bowl 49 it was tough to get Marshawn Lynch to even murmur a word, let alone be receptive to the media’s inquiries.   To paraphrase, he was “just there so he wouldn’t get fined.”

But all that has changed as AllHipHop recently got the retired baller out of his shell to speak on an unsigned talent that he’s been watching for several years now – independent rapper SteveLan.

Influenced by Too Short, E-40 and Tha Jacka, SteveLan took time to pay homage to those rappers in his recent interview with AllHipHop that included a word or two from Marshawn as well. Just a few words though. And only for the homie.

Aware of The Bay’s rap history, the Oakland bred rapper looks to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors by focusing on the ability to continue to set trends regularly, while remaining independent.

“Too Short, E40, and Tha Jacka. 40 and Short are the definition of longevity in this game and The Jacka was a true natural rapper. His presence on a song was always impactful and his melody game was crazy!” SteveLan explained of his Bay Area idols.

But not only is SteveLan paying respect to his Bay Area forefathers, but Stevelan is getting respect from people like Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch that recognized the content of SteveLan’s character.

Marshawn Lynch

“SteveLan is my brah and he never asked for no handouts he just keeps working and getting better. I see his growth and I respect that. Anybody I know that’s doing something positive I’m willing to support and SteveLan is one of those individuals,” Marshawn Lynch said speaking of SteveLan’s growth as an artist.

The admiration is clearly mutual as SteveLan included Marshawn in his video for “My City.”

“Marshawn is good friend of mine, I jus hit him and told him I was shooting the “My City” video and needed him in it and we like family so he was wit it. Him participating in this interview and being in the video is an example of his support; along with moral support cause he already knows how vicious entertainment can be. He’s a wise dude so I jus sit back and soak up game,” SteveLan explained.

Despite issues of rapidly increasing housing prices and the gentrification of Oakland as Silicon Valley sneaks its way into the East side of The Bay, right now the hype in Oakland is at an all-time high.

We would be remiss not to mention the Warriors historic season and the recent Super Bowl that was held just outside of San Francisco bringing a great deal of attention to the region often geographically secluded.

“That was one of the messages in “My City” I wanted to show a positive side of Oakland. When people come to The Bay they love it and they don’t wanna leave and I wanted that side to be shown,” SteveLan explained.

Proud of his city’s progress  SteveLan’s  “My City” features Mistah Fab and H.U. and classic shots of the whole Bay Area.

Check it out below and enjoy! Bay Area stand up! This one’s for you!