AllHipHop EXCLUSIVE: Master Kato Of Shoreline Mafia Details New Solo Material, Recording with 808 Mafia

Master Kato

Master Kato of Shoreline Mafia talks about his new solo material he has in the works.

Recently Master Kato of Los Angeles based rap quartet Shoreline Mafia took the time to speak about his new solo material that recently released on Christmas titled, THROW AWAYZ VOL. 1: CHRISTMAS EDITION.

Releasing 10 tracks on Soundcloud amidst group turmoil and questions about if Shoreline Mafia is over, Master Kato detailed his plans going forward musically and noted any potential collaborations with other members. 

Although the group is now seemingly disconnected as they are rarely seen together in music videos, Shoreline Mafia continues to do numbers. The group and has now racked up over 2.1 billion streams across all releases and has sold over 5 million equivalent albums across all releases combined to-date.

Blessing the fans with new solo material on Christmas, Master Kato also spoke about his official solo album that will be released through Atlantic where Shoreline Mafia signed their multi-million dollar deal. 

“It’s my gift to everybody else because n##### giving gifts on Christmas so I’m giving everybody a gift because they don’t have enough Kato music. It’s not enough Kato solo songs, you feel me? I gotta gift the world some music. And then after that I got a solo project coming out, an actual album and this sh*t finna be crazy. It’s finna be like my first actual project for real,” Master Kato explained. 

Straying away from the typical West Coast Shoreline Mafia sound that fans have come to expect from Master Kato, this material has more of a Chicago and down South sound than anything else the fans have heard. 

“My s### with Atlantic gonna be fo sho dope as f###. I ain’t got too many producers but I got 808 Mafia really, a couple of n##### from LA and Ron Ron. That s### gonna be a banger, that sh*t gonna be some sh*t! Real talk that sh*t don’t sound like no other Shoreline Music. I don’t really use a lot of the wavy West Coast type beats.”

Raised in Chicago until he was 13, Master Kato brings a Midwest sound to his music and he says the fans of Chicago have picked up on in it via the streaming DSP’s like Spotify, Apple and Tidal. 

“Thats what I noticed, that Chicago came back as the second biggest city listening to Backdoor, that sh*t I just dropped. That s### crazy I’m glad the hometown f##### with a n***a man!”

For this 10-track project Master Kato connected with Gezin of 808 Mafia, who previously produced for Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, Future, Young Thug and Gucci Mane to name a few. According to Master Kato, he and Gezin locked in for a month and recorded material that will appear on his yet to be titled solo project via Atlantic. 

“My boy Gezin, the one that’s producing most of the beats on this project, we had flew him out here from Croatia last year,”  Master Kato said. “We worked for like a whole month. We were like recording everyday for like a full month and we damn near made like two projects.  All the songs I made with him, I’m going to put it on the Atlantic project cause they hard songs and he my n#### man.” 

Check out Master Kato’s new mixtape THROW AWAYZ VOL. 1: CHRISTMAS EDITION below: