EXCLUSIVE: New Doc Reveals Untold Power Of Mixtapes

DJ Drama

A new documentary reveals the history of mixtapes through interviews with some of the most well-known figures in Hip-Hop.

A new documentary film delves into mixtapes’ vital role in shaping Hip-Hop, featuring conversations with notable figures like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and DJ Drama.

“Tale of the Tape: How the Mixtape Revolutionized Hip-Hop,” from executive producer DJ Envy, legendary journalist Kim Osorio and acclaimed producer Malik K. Buie, has debuted on Amazon, Verizon, Spectrum, and Red Summer TV.

The documentary dives deep into the mixtape culture, showcasing how DJs and mixtapes gave Hip-Hop artists a platform before they hit mainstream success.

The film portrays a raw and authentic snapshot of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, and Future during their early careers, capturing their formative years.

Kim Osorio and Malik K. Buie, both deeply rooted in Hip-Hop culture, have spent several years meticulously crafting this project.

“Mixtape culture has influenced Hip-Hop infinitely. The biggest artists today, the greatest DJs ever—mixtapes are the connective tissue. Through my years of storytelling, it always kind of just came up and I was like, I have to tell this story. It has to be told our way,” Osorio told AllHipHop.

The documentary highlights gender disparity within Hip-Hop and stresses the contributions of female DJs and industry professionals.

Osorio made a significant effort to promote female representation, featuring interviews with DJ Diamond Kuts, Vash, and Karen Civil.

The film educates viewers on the cultural and historical importance of mixtapes and urges a deeper dive into authentic storytelling in Hip-Hop.

“I want people to start getting into the nuances of storytelling and Hip-Hop, going deeper into the history of the culture, into people that aren’t as celebrated but that were really the foundation of what we see as a billion-dollar business today,” Osorio emphasized.

Despite its comprehensive scope, “Tale of the Tape” acknowledges the need for further exploration, particularly concerning regional influences like the South and West Coast.

Osorio and Buie are already planning future installments to cover these areas, and they remain committed to documenting Hip-Hop culture.

Osorio remains active in television production and is working on new projects and series.

Buie, alongside Osorio, is set to produce more documentaries under the “Tale of the Tape” banner, each delving into different aspects of Hip-Hop history.

“If you aren’t going to tell your own story, somebody is going to tell it for you. The next time we call you for an interview, come do the interview because you will have to have your own voice to be able to say what your piece is. And I think that’s just part of storytelling,” Osorio urged the Hip-Hop community.

“I want people to understand and appreciate the legacy and history of what mixtape DJs have contributed to the culture. Your biggest artist, your favorite artist, this is truly where they come from,” Buie added.