EXCLUSIVE: Game’s Publishing Seized; eOne Gets Subpoenaed Over $7.1 Million Judgment

The woman who won a $7 million judgment has won control of Game’s lucrative publishing money.

(AllHipHop News) Game’s music career continues to be targeted over a $7.1 million judgment against the rap star.

A judge just ordered BMI to hand over all of Game’s royalties to Priscilla Rainey or the organization runs the risk of being charged with contempt of court…and so does the rapper. 

BMI is known as a Performing Rights Organization, which collects music publishing royalties from entities who use music for commercial purposes.

Most artists and producers rely on their quarterly payments from BMI as a valuable source of income.

But the organization is being ordered to turn over Game’s earnings to Priscilla Rainey, who has been attempting to enforce the massive judgment against the Compton rap star.

The legal issues for Game started in 2015, when Priscilla Rainey was a contestant on his reality show “She Got Game.”

Rainy accused Game of groping her during a taping, and although he was never charged with a crime, she filed a lawsuit against the rapper.

Game was originally found liable for $1.3 million in damages, but due to his “disrespect” towards the court, a judge increased the punitive damages six-fold, bringing the total judgment to $7.1 million.

Game attempted to appeal, but lost, leaving Rainey free and clear to enforce the judgment.

Over the past several months, Priscilla Rainey has been stepping up her attempt to collect on the judgment with a series of aggressive legal actions.

In April of 2017, a judge granted her control of a record label Game setup called L.A. Prolific and she also won all of the proceeds derived from his Born 2 Rap album.

And, last month Rainey went after a restraining order against Cash “Wack 100” Jones, to prevent Game from transferring any more of his property and other valuable assets into his manager’s control.

Earlier this week, Judge Michael Wilner approved Rainey’s request to subpoena record label eOne, which released Game’s album Born 2 Rap. 

Priscilla Rainey and her lawyers are after documents and information regarding monies, if any, owed by eOne to Game.