Producer Kenoe Says Boosie’s “Touch Down” LP Was To Be A Double Disc + Discusses Creation Of “Black Heaven” Featuring J. Cole


(AllHipHop News) Boosie is back. Mr. Badazz returned this week with his sixth studio album Touch Down 2 Cause Hell. The 19-track LP features production work by London On The Track, Kane Beatz, and several others, but about a third of the project was produced by the Night Rydas team.

[ALSO READ: Boosie BadAzz Hosts Private Listening Session For “Touch Down 2 Cause Hell” Album (PHOTOS)] spoke with the crew’s leader Kenoe. The Louisiana board master revealed that he, Roc & Mayne, and Black Metaphor may have been responsible for the respective tracks “Intro,” “Window Of My Eyes,” “Mercy On My Soul,” “Black Heaven,” “Spoil You,” and “Kicking Clouds,” but the collective nearly had twice as many songs make it onto the new Boosie project.

“At one point, we had about ten [songs] on there. It was actually gonna be a double disc. It was records floating in and off that album,” says Kenoe. “I even heard ‘Mercy’ wasn’t gonna be on the album at one point. I was like, ‘This is crazy.’”

“Mercy On My Soul” featuring Jeezy did make the final cut. As did “Black Heaven,” another high-profile collaboration that included J. Cole and Keyshia Cole. Kenoe explains how the socially reflective tune came together.

“When I pulled the record up, [Boosie] just rapped some stuff on it, and at the end of the first verse he said, ‘Black Heaven.’ I said, ‘Damn, that’s it. Leave it like that. That’s gonna be the name of the song, and we’re gonna get somebody to make a hook for it,’” recalls Kenoe. “We sent it to Keyshia Cole, and she laid the hook. Then Boosie laid another verse, and after that Cole did his thing. The rest was history.”

Kenoe felt “Black Heaven” should have been the single to lead the promotion for Touch Down. According to him, Atlantic Records decided to go with a more conventional musical roll out for the project.

“I felt like it should have been the main single from the album. I was preaching that from day one,” Kenoe adds. “I kept saying, ‘This is the biggest record you got.’ But the label wanted to go with Boosie’s traditional way of records he drops – the club records. The label was looking for another ‘Wipe Me Down.’ But what they don’t understand is you can’t go back and create another ‘Wipe Me Down.’”

Read Kenoe’s full interview here.

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Listen to Boosie Badazz’s “Black Heaven” featuring Keyshia Cole and J. Cole below.