EXCLUSIVE: Scarface Issues Statement After Release From Jail


Scarface, real name Brad Jordan, was released Friday been released from jail where he was being held for non-payment of child support.

Now, the rap legend is speaking out for the first time in a statement released exclusively to AllHipHop.com.

“First and foremost I would like to thank my supporters for their concern during my recent arrest in Atlanta. While we have resolved the issue I would like to correct some misinformation,” the rapper told AllHipHop. “The amount reported that was owed is inaccurate and I had no knowledge about there being an arrest order for me as I have traveled to Atlanta many times; with the latest trip being in September to perform at the One Music Festival. Due to the nature of the case (having a minor child involved), I will make no further comment at this time.”

The ordeal occurred last week when Scarface was being honored with the “I Am Hip-Hop” distinction at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Several Texas marshals were waiting to arrest him after he accepted his award, which ending up delaying the show.

Yesterday, the rapper posted a couple of videos on his Facebook page yesterday, on which briefly featured Erykah Badu.