EXCLUSIVE: Shawnna Calls For Unity Among Female Rappers, Suggests Forming An All Women Hip Hop Tour


(AllHipHop News) Nicki vs Iggy. Kim vs Nicki. Remy vs Kim. Digga vs Iggy. These are some of the headlines that have dominated the discussion involving female Hip Hop over the last several months, but one woman is ready to end all the beef among the ladies.

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Chicago’s Shawnna believes women in the culture should join forces and overcome the stereotype that they cannot work together. With all the attention female rap is currently receiving, the “Gettin’ To It” performer says it is now time for the them to take over.

“Look at the state of female rap. I know from speaking with these women – they’re not hateful. They wanna work together,” says Shawnna. “It’s just that we’ve all made so much of a stigma that we want to be the only one and we can’t work together, we’re working against that now. So it’s going to take extra effort to stomp that at. We gotta smother that.”

She continues, “There’s so much talent among the females, it’s unfair for it to be two or three out there, and that’s all you know about. No disrespect. They’re phenomenal. I support, listen, watch, and all that. But my heart still goes out to all of the talent that gets overlooked and passed to the side because of this stigma there can only be one queen. We gotta dead that s**t.”

One way Shawnna would like to see unity among the females in Hip Hop is by the women connecting for a concert trek. She acknowledges it would take for interested artists to check their excessive pride at the door to get that feat accomplished.

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“Wassup with an all female tour? You think the ladies won’t come out to support that? And you know what brings the men out? The ladies,” Shawnna suggests. “We’re ready to get some of this bread together. Some egos are gonna have to be put on the coat rack for a minute. We gotta say, ‘If we continue to go this way, we ain’t gonna eat.’”

Shawnna looks to a certain male rap entertainer as example of what femcees could be doing to increase their net worth.

“Look at DJ Khaled. He has built an empire off allowing other male artists to collaborate. Look at the money he’s making,” she says about the man who is ranked at number 20 on Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings list. “I know [the women] wanna make money. I know they’re already making money, but who walks around saying, ‘I’m already making money I don’t wanna make no more?’ Nobody.”

Ultimately, Shawnna would be a supporter of a “Queens Of Hip Hop” type tour even if he was not booked to participate. As a rap fan, she just wants to see that milestone take place.

“Even  if I wasn’t included on it, you can be damn sure I’m getting my V.I.P pass and front row seat,” she declares.

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