EXCLUSIVE: The Internet’s Matt Martians Explains Why Odd Future Needed To Come To A Close


(AllHipHop News) Over the last five years, Odd Future’s reach in entertainment has been undeniable. From music and television shows to festivals and radio stations, the California collective cemented an impressive mark on the culture.

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Which is why it came as a shock when OFWGKTA frontman Tyler, The Creator suggested in May the crew was “no more.” Tyler went on Ebro In The Morning to address his perceived eulogy of Odd Future. He told the radio show there is no beef. It’s just everyone is now doing their own thing.

AllHipHop.com recently spoke with another act that sprang from OF – The Internet. The band’s co-founder Matt Martians (along with Syd) discussed his comrade’s statements.

“I watched Tyler’s interview with Hot 97. Basically, what he meant is that we don’t hang out everyday,” says Matt. “That’s literally what he means. If Earl [Sweatshirt] saw Tyler today, they would give each other the biggest hug.”

Matt insists there are no hard feelings among the members of OFWGKTA, but the producer does acknowledge Odd Future affiliates have broken off into separate camps.

“It’s a badge. It’s a great thing. Everything has to move on. Everything has to have closure,” Matt states. “I think what rose from that is what really matters. A lot of great careers spawned from that, and a lot of great careers will continue to spawn from that.”

It may be hard for some fans to hear that OF is not moving as a single unit like it may have in the past, but the artists continue to create work. The Internet’s third studio LP Ego Death arrived this week. It appears Frank Ocean is set to drop his next project in the near future. Both Tyler and Earl released albums in 2015 as well.

Matt sees Tyler’s announcement as a vital moment for the group of friends. He also recognizes the Cherry Bomb rhymer is a very calculated person.

“I think it was important for Tyler to say that. I know Tyler. Tyler is very smart. He knew what he was doing. He needed to say it,” adds Matt.

Read The Internet’s full AllHipHop.com interview here.

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