EXCLUSIVE: Up-And-Coming Compton Rapper Payso Speaks On A&E Documentary ‘Straight Into Compton’


(AllHipHop News) With the resurgence of a West-Coast Hip-Hop movement backed by Kendrick Lamar’s 7 Grammy’s and multiple achievements, the spotlight is shining bright on the city of Compton, California once again.

This time the light shines bright on the small Los Angeles sub-city in a new A&E series that’s set to hit television this Spring.

While A&E has yet to release an official statement on their website, a recent interview with Compton rapper Payso revealed that the show will be called Straight Into Compton and will take viewers on a behind the scenes ride of one of LA’s most notorious communities.

“I took them to my main street Nord St. and they brought all the cameras out, they had a big ass van and the cameras and cranes swinging around. I was sitting on top of the house that I grew up in. They had all my homies out from my hood and sh*t,” Payso explained.

“They had all my homies on the porch, they interviewed damn near everybody from my ‘hood. They talked to my My Momma my Granny, all that s###. Then they took me to my elementary and I was telling them little stories about what happened. Then we walked through my whole hood and I did some freestyles. It was a pretty decent interview”

According to Payso there are several other rappers from Compton that will also be featured in the doc including Game, AD, and YG to name a few.

Compton rapper AD, who was featured on The Game’s most recent album The Documentary 2.5, also Tweeted out an image of him working on the A&E series.


Currently Payso has been steady at work on creating visuals for his most recent mixtape, The Plug and was featured on Ray J’s newest song, “Real Life Playa.”

Many regarded the song as Ray J’s official response to Kanye West for mentioning Ray J on The Life of Pablo.

Check out Payso’s most recent video for “Man of the Year” below: