EXCLUSIVE: XXXTENTACION Murder Suspect Demands Drake & Akademiks Testify At Trial

drake and xxxtentacion

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Dedrick Williams and his attorney, Mauricio Padilla, filed a motion requesting the OVO rapper’s participation.

XXXTENTACION murder suspect, Dedrick Williams, wants Drake to testify at trial. According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Williams and his attorney, Mauricio Padilla, filed a motion requesting Drake’s participation.

The docs read, “The testimony of the said Aubrey Drake Graham is material to the case, and it is
necessary to take the deposition of the said Aubrey Drake Graham to prevent the failure of justice.”

While Padilla acknowledges Drake is a “international celebrity” who may be difficult to serve, he wants the Honorable Court to enter an order for Drake’s testimony to be taken before an official court reporter.

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But that’s not all. Padilla is also requesting the testimony of one Livingston Allen—better known as Akademiks. As the court docs explain, multiple attempts have been made to haul him in for a deposition to no avail.

“Mr. Allen was properly served for a deposition and failed to appear on October 26, 2022,” the paperwork states. “Defense obtained a CNA for said date. Mr. Allen was properly served with a Trial Subpoena in this case. The undersigned has taken steps to serve him with another subpoena for January 5, 2023. The process server has indicated that despite there being cars outside the home and people inside the home, they are refusing to open the door.

“Mr. Allen, who goes by the stage name ‘DJ Akademiks’ posted his podcast on December 21, where he openly discusses the case, acknowledges being served and states, ‘I am not showing up to court to talk to y’all n****s’. It is clear that nothing short of a court order will ensure Mr. Allen’s participation in a deposition.”

The paperwork concludes, “The defendant is indigent and further attempts to serve Mr. Allen would be an unnecessary financial burden as he has already indicated publicly that he will not voluntarily be part of the process.”

As for Drake, Padilla believes he’s somehow connected to XXXTENTACION’s 2018 murder outside of RIVA Motorsports. Earlier this month, Padilla filed paperwork suggesting Drake raps about it in some of his lyrics. He cited “On BS” from Drake’s latest album Her Loss in which he raps: “Maybe I should break that 10, do a five, then if it gets live, do a five again/If he held his tongue on that live, he’d be alive again, damn/I never put no prices on the beef until we end this s###.”

Williams and his legal team allege the beef between XXXTENTACION and Drake started in 2017 after the OVO Sound founder released the song “KMT.” XXXTENTACION accused Drake of stealing his cadence and began harassing him on social media, a possible motive for Drake to get involved.