Fabolous Talks Staying Competitive In Modern Hip Hop (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) There are rap devotees that claim Hip Hop is a young person’s sport. Others say the culture has reached a point where old heads are just as valuable to its evolution.

Veteran emcee Fabolous did an interview with DoggieDiamondsTV where he talked about competing in the modern rap game.

“I don’t lead you astray. I gotta make money too. I gotta be competitive to what’s going on,” explained Fab. “I gotta stay relevant to what these young kids are listening to. Hip Hop gets younger every day. I get older every day.”

The “Lituation” rhymer went on to talk about how he has to be able to make club-friendly music as well as lyric-based tracks.

“I’ve always been a versatile artist from the start. I always could f-ck with the streets. I always could f-ck with the ladies,” added Fabolous. “It wasn’t too many n-ggas who could do a joint with Bow Wow then do a joint with The Lox. That doesn’t happen.”

Fab did admit he receives feedback from some of his fans about his approach to taking on his rap peers.

“That’s the only complaint I hear the most – that I won’t put my foot on these n-ggas’ necks,” stated the 39-year-old Brooklynite.