Fabolous Talks Social Media, Getting Dissed By A Well Known Producer And More


Before his new album, Young OG, hits iTunes tomorrow (Dec. 25), feast your eyes on Fabolous’s new cover story with VIBE. For their December digital issue, they caught up with Fab to get the scoop on his Roc Nation deal, his upcoming album, his social media presence and more.


While discussing his ability to consistently release hit records, Fab reflected on a time that he was shaded by one of his industry homies.

“Your album used to mainly be about your singles. When you have that so heavy on your mind it can [influence] your creative process. But I knew I had to make those records to be successful because I felt like every time I put out an album it was somebody waiting for it to not work anymore. I remember reading a friend of mine, Jermaine Dupri, who said ‘I like Fab’s raps but I can’t see him past two albums’. I was like Damn JD, you my boy. But I guess it was his honest opinion.”

In between releasing albums, the Brooklynite has been able to keep fans intrigued with his hilarious, charismatic Instagram posts and hashtags. He said that though he doesn’t mind letting fans in through IG, he makes sure to not expose too much.

“With social media, I give a little taste but I always want to keep a little mystique to myself. I don’t want people to look at me like I’m a social media personality. That’s the problem with reality TV. Once you go on reality TV that becomes your personality–you’re a reality star or whatever you’re acting like you are on TV.”

Read the full cover story here.