Faith Evans Is Hands On With Biopic About Her Own Life


(AllHipHop News) Singer Faith Evans is developing a biopic about herself.

The “Love Like This” star’s film will reportedly be based on her 2009 memoir, “Keep the Faith,” and will center on her career and personal life, including her marriage to late rapper The Notorious B.I.G.

But one subject that won’t make it into the film is her physical fights with rapper Lil’ Kim and other women over her husband’s affairs.

“I’m the executive producer on it, and I’m working closely with the screenwriters,” she told The Breakfast Club. “It’s definitely not going to be something other than what I would want to see. I like to be very tactful – but honest.”

Evans has since reconciled with Lil’ Kim, but the film will touch on what the singer was going through at the time of the affair.

“If I do decide to show something that was in my book – for example, the situation with me and Kim – I was very clear this is what I felt then because of obvious reasons, but I don’t feel that way anymore,” she continued.

The biopic will reportedly premiere later this year.