Faith Evans Talks Biggie Throwing Shots At Her On Jay Z’s “Brooklyn’s Finest” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) “If Faith had twins, she’d probably have two Pacs. Get it? Tu-pac’s,” rapped Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace on Jay Z’s 1996 record “Brooklyn’s Finest.”

Biggie’s then-wife, Faith Evans, claims she was actually pregnant with twins at the time the late Hip Hop great wrote those bars.

The R&B veteran stopped by The Breakfast Club, and she was asked about those infamous B.I.G. lines directed at her.

“So that was a shot at you?” asked Charlamagne Tha God.

“Yes, it was,” responded Faith.

The “Soon As I Get Home” vocalist stated, “Biggie played me this Jay Z song. I don’t remember if B.I.G.’s verse was not on it because I know for a fact that line wasn’t on it.”

According to Faith, her manager was the person that informed her about the final version of the song with the 2Pac reference included.

“Number one, I was p#####. But I’m like, ‘Why would he do this?” It’s not like he ever questioned… He never questioned that,” added Faith. “I never said nothing to B.I.G. about it until after [his son] CJ was born.”

She continued, “He was holding CJ and I was just looking at him… with that look of disgust like, ‘What are you going to tell your child? That’s on record.’ He just started crying like, ‘I’m sorry. I was under pressure. People were just talking sh-t.'”

Faith then told Charlamagne and DJ Envy that Christopher Wallace Jr. originally had a sibling in the womb.

“CJ was a twin, and the second one didn’t develop,” revealed Faith. “Yeah, [Biggie] knew it. B.I.G. would do stuff like that all the time though. Even in a lot of other rhymes, he would take stuff we’d talk about or personal jokes and put it in a rhyme and make it seem like something real. Although, that wasn’t a joke.”