Faith Says She Would Never Diss B.I.G After Lifetime Doc Disaster

Faith Evans discusses “Hopelessly in Love” disappointment and her life with B.I.G. on “The Tamron Hall Show.”

(AllHipHop News) Faith Evans is crushed by the recent Lifetime limited series “Hopelessly in Love.”

The show highlights her relationship with the late legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G.

During an interview on the ‘Tamron Hall,” the R&B legend said she did not like the direction “Hopelessly in Love” took.

The series was pitched to Faith as a different concept, that was supposed to be about her, how she grew up and how she fell in love with B.I.G.

However, the episode took a different turn and focused on the drama in her relationship with her former husband.

“I just want to explain to my fans because that’s just never been my thing in my life, in my career, especially after B.I.G.,” Faith said. “There’s so many stories and so many events that happened and a lot of it has already been talked about so I’ve never felt the need to have to explain things or clarify things to the public. I lived it, you know?”

On the death of B.I.G., Evans said that the person who killed him is known even by LAPD.

She considers the case as unsolved in that no one was brought to justice for the killing.

“It’s certainly unfortunate that no one has been brought to justice and we do believe that they know what happened,” Faith stated. “It’s been so long. However, I think in all these years it’s just to a point where we had to just accept what it is, as unfortunate as even the case itself is.”

Faith Evans is now married to Stevie J. The husband sees Faith as a beautiful person who hasn’t yet experienced the love she deserves.

The two wed in 2018 after they started dating in 2016.

Stevie J said that they started seeing each other in 2016 and asked her to marry him when he realized he did not want to lose his friend or love of his life.