Fake Drake Getting Real Love From The Rapper’s Fans


Fake Drake seems to be getting lots of love, but club owners are increasingly keeping him out of their venues!

A Drake impersonator showed up at clubs in Los Angeles over the weekend, and even performed the superstar’s song “Way 2 Sexy.”

The “Fake Drake” was first called out by Canadian rapper Tory Lanez last month (Oct21), after he was spotted at Miami, Florida clubs LIV and Story.

Over the Halloween holiday, the Certified Lover Boy wannabe – who even has a heart-shaped cut in his hairline, just like the real artist, took the stage at nightspots in L.A. to rap along to the track from Drake’s latest album.

On October 24th, the real Drake’s birthday, the imposter was filmed on the mic, but he made it clear he’s not the real “Drizzy.”

“Is it really Drizzy? Nah, you dizzy,” the man said. “I’m from Toronto. I came here six days ago and I blew up. Tory Lanez posted me in his

(Instagram) story. So we just riding this s**t, it’s all part of God’s plan,'” he added, referencing the real star’s 2018 hit.

Eagle-eyed security guards are reportedly not allowing the fake alter ego into certain clubs, but fans seem to be enjoying – or buying into – the ruse and are trying to take photos with the Fake Drake.

The Grammy winner has not yet publicly acknowledged the impersonator.