Famed 80’s MC, Educated Rapper of U.T.F.O. Dies From Cancer


(AllHipHop News) In the 80’s U.T.F.O. was one of the biggest rap groups that scored a timeless hit in “Roxanne, Roxanne.” The group has a momentary reunion under the a most somber occasion.

The members gathered as their comrade Jeffrey Campbell aka The Educated Rapper of U.T.F.O. passed away from cancer. The news spread fast over social media, as fans reminisced over the impact Campbell had.

On “Roxanne, Roxanne,” he infamously stated, “She needs a guy like me with a high IQ.”

Group member Kangol Kid mourned openly on Instagram.

“With incredible sadness and greater regret, I am officially announcing that my UTFO brother Jeffrey Campbell aka “EDUCATED RAPPER” is rocking the mic in Heaven. This feeling I feel right now is so unfamiliar for I have NEVER lost a brother that I’ve done so much with. I’ve made history with this man. Only two other men (Doctor Ice @therealdocice and Mixmaster Ice @mixmasterice) understand the loss I feel right now. We’re all we have left. Thank you E for taking this incredible ride with me. Hip-Hop Will NEVER forget your contribution…and I will never forget our journey. I love you and will forever miss us. ~Kang.”

U.T.F.O. DJ Mixmaster Ice said, “God’s will be done.. Peaceful Journey my brother.. Farewell & Salute.. R.I.P. Jeff.”

The condolences rolled in over social media.

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Sad News UTFO Lost There Member The Educated Rapper Has Passed Away #ripeducatedrapper #utfo

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