Family Members Claim R. Kelly Recruited Women Into “Slavery” At The Age Of 17


(AllHipHop News) For a moment, it appeared O.J. Simpson’s parole would knock the stories of R. Kelly supposedly running a sex “cult” from the forefront of pop culture news.

However, Timothy Savage once again shined a spotlight on the drama by speaking to TMZ about his daughter Joycelyn Savage’s relationship with the R&B singer.

Joycelyn accused her father of orchestrating the situation that led her to eventually live with Kelly.

“That never happened. I don’t know if she got that from R. Kelly. It never happened,” said Timothy.

He also alleged that Kelly connected with some of the women in his house when they were under the age of eighteen.

“It’s not about being a consenting adult. Some of these girls – he met when they were seventeen. It’s a known fact,” Timothy claimed. “And some of these things we’re talking about, it’s not about [being] sexual.”

He continued, “You can have relationships with anybody when you get of age, but it’s abuse we’re talking about. It’s almost like slavery.”

On July 17, the Savage family gave a press conference about the allegations that Joycelyn is being manipulated and possibly abused by R. Kelly.

The singer’s lawyer, Linda Mensch, addressed the reports he is leading a cult in a statement to Rolling Stone.

“Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such accusations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name,” stated Mensch.