Fans Honor MF Doom With Amazing Murals In Chicago

MF Doom

The late MF Doom is being honored by graffiti artists in Chicago, who are throwing up dope murals to celebrate the late rapper.

Rapper MF Doom will forever be remembered.

His fans have gone over and above to make sure of that. 

Less than a month after finding out about his transition, devoted supporters have created a series of murals that will stand in honor of his tremendous contribution to the culture.

The series is located in Logan Square in Chicago, near the train tracks at Fullerton and Milwaukee avenues, stretching over a few buildings. 

This historic neighborhood is a cultural haven for the activist and the artist; perfect area to dedicate a marker of his life.

Chicago local artists captured his spirit with the murals. James Spurgeon, aka the Graffiti Nerd, is one of the artists that worked on the masterpiece and shared with that he knew that Doom was into the sometimes forgotten element of Hip-Hop, graffiti. 

Thus, it was an honor for him to participate.

“He was one of us,” Spurgeon said. “It’s kinda like one of our brothers passed away, so we just had to do a memorial for him.”

A few other artists used their paint as a memorial. Names like Beger, Zenl, and Zeb got to blessed this burner for the deceased legend.

News of MF Doom’s death was revealed publicly by his wife on New Year’s Eve (2020). His real name was Daniel Dumile and he was London-born and New York raised. 

He burst on the rap scene with a guest appearance on Def Jam artists 3rd Bass’ hit song, “Gas Face” and later made his own name as a founding member of KMD (Kausing Much Damage, or A positive Kause in a Much Damaged society). 

Back then he went by the name of Daniel “Zev Lov X,” and rocked the mic with his brother Dingilizwe “DJ Subroc” Dumile. The two were signed to Elektra where they released their joint, “Peach Fuzz.”

You are probably wondering where did he get his name that rang bells in every corner of the earth. He created his signature character MF DOOM based on his favorite Marvel character Doctor Doom.

If you can’t get to see the art in person, remember you can always download his music and zoom out.