Fans Think J. Cole Was Rapping About Lil Pump On “Lion King On Ice”

The two rappers have a history of addressing each other.

(AllHipHop News) Lil Pump was once the leader of the “f*ck J. Cole” movement. The online disses, dating as far back as 2016, were Pump’s way of trolling the public in order to get more exposure for himself.

Cole seemed to understand the tactic. He said in 2018, “It’s trolling. We’re in the generation of trolling. These kids have figured out that attention is all that matters. The skill? Who gives a f*ck about the skill? F*ck quality. It’s all about attention.”

The North Carolina emcee not only spoke about Pump’s actions in interviews. On the KOD track titled “1985,” J. Cole subliminally warned the newcomer and other rappers like him that their careers would be short-lived.

That back-and-forth eventually led to Cole sitting down with Pump in 2018 for a lengthy conversation that was published on YouTube. They talked about their respective lives, creating music, the “1985” song, and more.

Well, Cole returned with two songs overnight. One of those records has listeners believing the Dreamville leader is having an “I Told You So” moment involving Lil Pump.

J. Cole raps on “Lion King On Ice”:

N*gga dissed me. It was nonsense. I sat ’em down like his father. My n*gga asked, “Why you bother?” We should of caught him and mobbed him. I said, “We gotta move smarter.” Don’t wanna be the reason for one more sad song. I tried to warn n*ggas they wouldn’t last long. I hope that you see how they came and they went. They shots never hit but they made they attempts. May have a good year like their name on a blimp. But you know what it take to be popping this long.

Lil Pump found huge mainstream success with “Gucci Gang” in 2017. The song peaked at #3 on Hot 100 chart. 2018’s “I Love It” with Kanye West also hit the Top 10. Pump’s Harverd Dropout project peaked at #7 in 2019, but it only remained on the Billboard 200 album chart for 7 weeks.