Farrakhan Meets With Eminem In Detroit For #JusticeOrElse

Eminem and Farrakhan! WOW!

The meeting was shrouded in mystery, but it happened. Minister Louis Farrakhan and Eminem finally met over dinner in Detroit last night.

The affair yielded no real details, but Hasaun Muhammad of the Nation of Islam commented on his Instagram.

All pictures have a story attached to it. This picture is over ten years in the making. So much happens behind the scenes that I don’t post or talk about, but this one I absolutely had to. Truly epic that the two of them had dinner last night in Detroit. See you in D.C. 10.10.15 #Unity @LouisFarrakhan @Eminem #PaulRosenberg

On the official #JusticeOrElse Twitter, the commentary said, “#Farrakhan dialogued with Hip Hop artist Marshall Mathers aka @Eminem at his dinner table on #JusticeOrElse.”

Little more is known.

What is known is that the Minister has met with a who’s who of Hip-Hop this year for all to convene on Washington D.C. for the 20th year anniversary of the Million Man March, deemed Justice Or Else.
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