5 Gang Members Charged In RICO Case Involving FBG Duck’s Murder

FBG Duck

Alleged members of Chicago’s O-Block gang have been indicted in a racketeering conspiracy case, which includes the murder of FBG Duck.

Five alleged gang members have been charged in a racketeering conspiracy case involving the murder of FBG Duck.

The alleged members of Chicago’s O-Block gang are accused of engaging in “numerous acts of violence” in a federal indictment. These actions include murdering rapper FBG Duck, who was shot and killed in August 2020.

Charles Liggins a.k.a. “C Murda,” Kenneth Roberson a.k.a. “Kenny Mac,” Christopher Thomas a.k.a. “C Thang,” Tacarlos Offerd a.k.a “Los” and Marcus Smart a.k.a. “Muwop” have been charged with committing murder in aid of racketeering. All of them were also hit with charges of federal firearm violations and assaults in aid of racketeering.

Liggins, Offerd, Thomas, and Smart were arrested on Wednesday morning. Roberson was already in the custody of the Cook County Department of Corrections for allegedly shooting a man earlier this year.

All five men are facing a mandatory minimum of life in prison if convicted of murder. The death penalty is the maximum sentence for murder and one of the firearm counts.

The murder of FBG Duck, whose real name was Carlton Weekly, was seen as an escalation of violence linked to rap music in Chicago. He was shot outside of a high-end clothing store in the opulent Gold Coast neighborhood.

According to the Chicago Tribune, FBG Duck’s death was particularly shocking due to his fame and the way in which he was killed. Police said he mocked deceased members of rival gangs, including Odee Perry of O-Block, in a video prior his murder.