EXCLUSIVE: Feds Say Cardi B’s Old Bodyguard Caught On Video Selling Drugs

Cardi’s new bodyguard is blowing up, just as the Feds close in on her old muscle for being a crack kingpin.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B.’s new security guard Price turned heads as he strolled into a courtroom with the rap star, but it’s her old bodyguard who may pay a steep cost for dealing crack.

Price blew up on the Internet yesterday (December 10), as he protected Cardi from hundreds of fans during a hearing over claims she ordered her crew to beat up Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Jade and her sister Baddie Gi.

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A simmering beef over allegations Offset was sleeping with Jade exploded in August of 208 during two different fights at Angels Strip Club.

Investigators say Cardi directed her crew, including her old security guard Jeffrey Bush, to attack Jade once on August 15th, when they beat her up and allegedly battered her with an ashtray.

Bardi’s gang caught up with Jade and Baddie Gi on August 30th, 2018, when they assaulted the sisters with hookah pipes, chairs and bottles.

In January, Cardi was indicted on 14 charges – two of them felonies – for ordering the attack on Jade and Baddie Gi.

Jeffrey Bush was hit with charges over that attack, but some more serious allegations came his way when the Feds indicted him in August of 2019 for being a crack-slinging member of the 5-9 Brims.

The Feds say Bush is a kingpin who sold drugs to an undercover cop probing the gang’s activities in a long-term investigation.

The government recently presented their evidence against Bush that was collected during a sting operation.

Undercover cops say they have photos and text messages incriminating Bush, but most damningly, agents say they bought drugs from Cardi’s old security guard on April 18th, May 1st, May 21st, June 4th, June 20th, and July 26th.

A judge is holding Jeffrey Bush without bail due to his connections to the 5-9 Brims and Cardi B., which makes him a flight risk.

Sources told AllHipHop.com Bush may try and negotiate a plea deal. His next hearing is slated for February 7th, 2020.