Fetty Luciano Arrested For Triple Shooting In Long Island

fetty luciano

Fetty Luciano, who is affiliated with Bobby Shmurda, faces attempted murder and weapons charges for a shooting in Long Island.

Fetty Luciano, a member of the GS9 crew, turned himself in to police after being accused of shooting three people in Long Island.

According to multiple reports, Fetty Luciano was arrested in connection to the shooting on Thursday (July 21). The 26-year-old rapper faces attempted murder and weapons charges.

Fetty Luciano, whose real name is Remy Marshall, allegedly shot three people at the Big Fendi Celebrity Birthday Celebration on July 10. Police said a fight broke out at the annual pool party, which was held at The Mansion at Glen Cove on Long Island’s Gold Coast.

Shots were fired after a security guard tried to break up a fight between partygoers. Two attendees and the security guard were wounded by the gunfire.

All three victims survived the shooting. They were released from the hospital after receiving treatment for their wounds.

The pool party was promoted online with a flyer shared via social media. The venue allegedly didn’t have a proper permit to host the event. Police said at least 150 people attended the party.

“Once shots rang out, chaos erupted,” Glen Cove Police Lt. John Nagle said.

Fetty Luciano, who is affiliated with Bobby Shmurda, will be arraigned on Friday (July 22).