Fetty Wap’s Label Owner Challenges Him to Boxing Match After Fat Joe Interview

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap and the CEO of RGF Productions recently fell out over an interview Fat Joe conducted with the “Trap Queen” hitmaker. And now they may fight!

Fetty Wap is hot news again on the heels of his high-profile arrest for allegedly running a massive drug ring.

Over the last few days, a recent interview between the New Jersey artist and Fat Joe has caused a big rift between Fetty Wap and the CEO of RGF Productions, the label that signed rapper.

Fetty took to Facebook to share a memory from five years ago. He captioned the post: “I’m not ever staying down or stayin quiet again … #ThisMyShit #JerseyBoyWithStripes. I don’t even look at them n##### as opps lol…just old miserable and goofy…lying bout paying my bail who does that?”

Fetty was referencing the $500,000 bail and the legal firepower he needed to get free until his upcoming federal trial.

RGF label owner Frank V. Robinson aka Nitt Da Gritt, snapped back swiftly, letting it be known that he wants all the smoke.

“Hey ‘Mr.Delusional’ @fettywap1738 I Never said I paid for your lawyer but I did send one up there just in case you needed one but you had it covered! And if I’m miserable your “DELUSIONAL” bc you not a street n#### , trap n#### , hustler or none of the above and your definitely not from 12th Ave you wasn’t even a little sprinkle of that #fettycap #173fake.”


The music executive took to social media to have a confrontational back and forth with the “Trap Queen” rapper.

Robinson first typed, “Zavier Jordan (Fetty’s real name) stop subbing me and lying at that … ya girl from 12th Ave You not.”

Fetty responded, “… is we meeting or you gonna keep woofin?”

Frank V. Robinson retorted: “when the last time you been on 10th Ave comfortably my boy … or even stepped foot on 12th at all at that … stop acting krazy Weirdo. lol”

It didn’t take long before Robinson called Fetty out for a fistfight.

It seems like Robinson wants to hop in the ring with him to settle the beef like “real men.”

He posted, “Zavier J. Maxwell celebrity boxing match??”


Robinson seems to know something that others do not know. Maybe he is calling the sing-songy rapper out for not being as “gangsta” as he has people thinking he is.

While we hate to see people go back and forth, this might be something we would like to see. Someone should call Snoop Dogg over at Triller and set this one up.