Flavor Flav Arrested For Domestic Battery

Flavor Flav

More bad news for the PE hypeman.

It appears William “Flavor Flav” Drayton Jr. is facing legal trouble once again. The Public Enemy member was reportedly arrested for domestic violence in Nevada.

According to TMZ, Flavor Flav was taken into custody on October 5. The 62-year-old entertainer was booked on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery.

The website reports:

We’re told cops responded to a call about a domestic disturbance and when they got there Flav was placed into custody and taken to the Henderson Detention Center. According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ, Flav allegedly poked his finger on the alleged victim’s nose, grabbed her, threw her down and grabbed a phone out her hand. The City Attorney tells us Flavor Flav is officially charged with misdemeanor battery constituting domestic violence.


This is not the first time someone accused Flavor Flav of domestic violence. The Flavor of Love star has also been arrested numerous times over the past thirty years, including arrests for attempted murder, driving under the influence, and drug possession charges.

“In alleged domestic violence cases, there are often 2 sides to the story and we will explain our side in the courtroom and not in the media,” Flavor Flav’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, told TMZ.