Florida Judge Denies Rapper Julio Foolio’s Motion To Dismiss Prosecutor

Court says the prosecutor wasn’t out of order, when she popped up on the rapper’s arrest.

Florida rapper Julio Foolio just got dealt another blow in court, after Judge Mark Borello denied a motion to get a certain prosecutor off his case.

On Wednesday, August 3, according to the State Attorney’s Officer, the rapper’s lawyer motion wanted the state prosecutor to be thrown off the case after bodycam footage showed her arriving to the scene of a traffic stop involving the artist, News 4 JAX reports.

The artist, whose real name is Charles Jones, was arrested, on that day in April 2022, for having tinted windows and for running from the police.

Foolio and his team believed it was inappropriate for the prosecutor to show up on the scene, allegedly hurking and lurking. The motion hoped to disqualify the Assistant State Attorney for getting involved with the on-scene investigation, also claiming the prosecutor used her power to illegally get evidence from the scene of the crime without a warrant.

Audio from the day catches law enforcement working together to disenfranchise the artist.

Detective: “How do you want me to put that in personal property? He said evidence.”

Prosecutor: “Yes. It is evidence. We have circumstances right now where his action (inaudible).”

Detective: “Cameras are still on.”

Prosecutor: “As well as the phones.”

Detective: “We’re taking the phones as well?”

In response to Foolio’s motion, the state said the prosecutor didn’t do anything wrong or abnormal. Many prosecutors show up to crime scenes for cases they are connected to.

The artist, who is allegedly the head of a criminal gang called 6 Block, has been under investigation for a long time and the prosecutor is only one of three lawyers assigned to his case through the Proactive Targeted Prosecution Unit.


Foolio has been connected to a lot of drama, including beef with another gang called ATK, the death of a young man named Corbin, and other ghastly murders in Jacksonville.

In fact, once to antagonize his opts, Julio Foolio posted a picture on his Instagram of himself with an airbrushed T-shirt of a recently deceased young man named, Royale D’Von Smith Jr., aka 23, that said: “Rest in P### 23.”

He captioned it, “I’m getting a new T-shirt made for my show.”

The prosecutor is gathering info about all of these blips in his social and criminal history.

The state said, during the traffic stop, the prosecutor in question did not collect evidence illegally or insert herself into the investigation.

Julio’s team is set to have another hearing on the motion next week.