Former Teacher Claims Donda Academy Taught Students Without Textbooks

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The educator states that she was fired because parents were upset about the kids not having textbooks.

More details about Kanye West’s mysterious Donda Academy have been disclosed thanks to a recent amendment to the lawsuit filed by one of the private school’s former teachers.

Timani Meeks is suing the new school for wrongful termination, alleging after only two months of working as a 5th through 8th-grade teacher, she was fired in October 2022 without probable cause.

She claims the school and its administration engaged in discrimination, retaliation, and labor code violations.

According to Insider, Meeks is the third teacher to sue Ye and the academy.

The two others originally on the wrongful termination lawsuit, Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers, said there was rampant bullying and that child could only eat sushi for lunch, reported.  

In her claim, she also says the school didn’t have any textbooks for the kids to learn from and she was let go because parents started to complain about the lack of teaching materials at her disposal as an educator.

Meeks’ lawyers wrote in the lawsuit, “Specifically, they complained that there were no books, textbooks, or any sort of educational items that would typically be found in a classroom. Students were eventually given workbooks and printouts of online worksheets.”

In addition to talking about the circumstances surrounding her termination from the school, she also mentioned that the actual campus was unsafe for the students. The lawsuit says there are electrical wires poking out of the wall.