Frank Ocean Launches New Luxury Company Called Homer

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is spreading his entrepreneurial wings, with the launch of a brand new lifestyle company called Homer!

While fans are waiting for Frank Ocean to release some new music, the Queer creative is launching new businesses — shifting his creativity to other mediums like fine jewelry.

The “In My Room” chart-topper is known for being revolutionary.

And his company Homer takes a huge leap, hoping to revolutionize lifestyle culture.

Described as an “independent American luxury company,” the first collection is over the top pop art jewelry pieces. He is currently selling silk scarves, different types of diamond-encrusted bracelets, cartoon-colored enamel pendants, and gold “OK” rings.

“Frank cites “Childhood obsessions” and “Heritage as a fantasy” as the inspiration behind the designs,” Pigeon and Planes reports.

Each piece is made in America (New York) and created by hand overseas in Italy, hoping to insure premium quality to justify the $435 to $1.9 million price tags connected to various items.

One of his partners on this enterprise is Prada (a piece not yet released).

For three years, Ocean has been working on bringing this to life. Now, his dream is a reality. He is planning to open a store in the Jewelry Exchange.

Once this store is up, customers will be able to purchase uncut gems — and will push the brand to compete with popular jewelers Ben Baller and Jacob the Jeweler.

He might not be off his square. Rihanna took the leap into lifestyle and beauty brands three years ago, and now she is a billionaire and the richest female musician in the world.

She is the second richest female entertainer in the world. She is bested only by Oprah Winfrey.

Good luck, Frank Ocean. We still want music.