Freddie Gibbs Accepts Boxing Match Against Akademiks On ESPN

Freddie Gibbs accepted DJ Akademiks offer to settle their back and forth in the ring but says Ak has to leave the rap game if he loses.

Freddie Gibbs and Akademiks look set to settle their online war of words with a big-money boxing match. 

The controversial media personality and podcaster addressed calls for him to step in the ring with Gibbs and said he’d be down. During a recent appearance on “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game,” he was asked whether he would settle things with Freddie Gibbs in a celebrity boxing match. Ak’s response – he can go toe-to-toe “with any of these n***as.” However, while he said he would take any opponent, it has to be for the right price. 

Freddie Gibbs saw a clip of Ak’s interview and tweeted, “Let’s do it.” Though it’s not the first time the “Gang Signs” rapper has called out Akademiks for a fight, this time he wanted to make it official.  

Freddie Gibbs Tells ESPN Ak Is “Soft”

Freddie Gibbs showed how willing he is to trade blows with Ak with an animated appearance on ESPN’s “Jalen & Jacoby.”  

According to Gibbs, the match-up is fixed and told the hosts, “I’m training for a fight right now.” Before they could ask who his scheduled opponent is, Gibbs said, “DJ Akademiks.” Furthermore, the Gary, Indiana native doesn’t think Ak can hold a candle to him in the ring. “I’m a solid 185 (lbs.). DJ Akademiks a soft 204 (lbs.) so I think that we could make that fight happen. He announced it yesterday that he wanted to do a celebrity boxing match. We could donate it to charity.” 

It really is about more than money for Freddie Gibbs. As well as giving away potentially huge prize winnings, he wants to see Ak gone from social media and rap period: “I don’t want no money,” he explained. “If I win, I just want Akademiks to delete his Instagram and delete his Twitter and leave the rap game.”  

However, Gibbs says the tensions between them aren’t serious. “It ain’t a real beef, I’ll say that,” he noted. “We can definitely get that celebrity boxing match on and donate it to charity.” 

While Akademiks has remained silent on Freddie Gibbs’s challenge so far, he was trending on Twitter Wednesday (Dec. 8) for other reasons. Ak got into it with a model during a recent appearance on “Fresh&Fit” podcast. The pair engaged in a shouting match and Ak insinuated she pulled a gun on him after being asked to leave the show.