Freddie Gibbs Banned From Instagram Over Wild Posts

Freddie Gibbs had one of the most hilarious Instagram accounts, until Instagram him he was in violation of the apps Community Guidelines.

Update: Gangsta Gibbs is back on Instagram!

(AllHipHop News) Instagram officially put rapper Freddie Gibbs on ice, in a way that all the doctors and politicians in the world are wishing they could do the coronavirus.

Or did they?

To the social media platform, his form of entertainment is just as sickening.

So much so, they have told the Bandana rapper that he violated the app’s Community Guidelines and his posting privileges have been revoked.

Shutting down his account came to no surprise to his over 581K followers, they know he gets wreck.

But, it was a disappointment when they heard the news from the guy whom many say had one of the best projects in rap music last year.

On his InstaLive, he shared that his IG will be terminated at 3 a.m. and that he would be moving the shenanigans to TrapChat where his handle is Skinny Suge.

“Just letting y’all ni##as know, s##t don’t stop,” he continued while barbecuing in the rain. “We’re taking this to muthafu#kin’ Trapchat [Snapchat]. That’s where we was at before anyway. ‘Skinny-Suge’ on the Trapchat. Even the sun goes down and heroes eventually die… F##K Instagram as staff, record label and as a muthaf##kin’ crew and if you want to be down with Instagram — then f##k you too! f##k you too! Fadia [Kader], we love you though. It’s all love.”

While he was upset and promised that he would not return to his account, that had only a few hours left before the suspension, he hopped back on to ask one question: “How are you gonna ban me during the quarantine?”

“These ni##az flaggin for me s### I posted weeks ago, he captioned on the damning post. “It’s just a n#### with no arms what’s wrong with that. F##k it ban me, b##ch.”